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hand poured candle company

About Us

Notes From Home Candles is a luxe candle company birthed out of the adoration for our favorite place in the world — our home.


Handcrafted and poured with love in, “Home Sweet Homewood” Illinois. Each candle has its own unique blend of, "Melted love notes", aka fragrances, and includes an anecdotal message that explains the inspiration behind its name.


The candle names are reminiscent of a love note you'd leave for your significant other around the house. Our decor-friendly candles are crafted with specific areas in mind, but can be enjoyed throughout any part of your home and beyond.

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About the Designer

Hi. I’m Jenae Douglas, storyteller extraordinaire.


For the last decade I’ve spent my time helping share compelling visual stories on network television. I’ve got a passion for people, connection, and creating impactful experiences.


I also happen to have a deep love for candles, and a knack for sniffing out some of the most luxurious scents one’s nose could encounter. Longing for a path in which all my passions could collide, I decided to create one–Notes From Home Candles.


With the help of the best business partner around (my hubby), we’ve crafted a luxe line of coconut wax blended candles like no other. Handcrafted and made with so much love, each candle has a unique story to tell, and invites you to create your own thoughtfully indulgent experiences throughout your home.  


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Notes From Home Candle Company
Jenae Douglas, Notes From Home
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